Briercrest At A Glance

Briercrest At A Glance

3 Schools with 1 Mission ­- Briercrest College and Seminary is a community of learning that calls students to seek the kingdom of God, to be shaped profoundly by the Scriptures, and to be formed spiritually and intellectually for lives of service.

  • Academy – A high school where students can come live in dorm in a community centered on helping young people grow spiritually as well as academically.

  • College – A college that offers high-level academics as well as intentional discipleship opportunities.

  • Seminary – A graduate school for anyone looking to start, change or enhance their career in ministry and beyond.
Breakfast is a partnership of three Christ centered Bible anchored ministry focus schools, and we thrive in this dynamic spiritual community. And so we have an Academy, and then we have a college with all kinds of university programs, ministry programs, and then a seminary, a graduate school, and these all take place here in Caronport, Saskatchewan. Briercrest is a very unique setting here, we live largely in an urban world. But here at Briercrest, it's rural. And in this rural context, it allows for some significant relationships, and community is in many ways, our most unique and distinct and strong quality.

When you come to Briercrest, you're going to find that you're going to make great relationships all around you. And it really is, as you're building these friendships that you learn about who you are, you're going to study here and you're going to be learning about the world. And as you do that, you're gonna learn about yourself and what you think and where you came from. And also you're going to meet people from other places from other church denominations, from other cultures, from other locations, and you're gonna have a chance to sit down and spend some real time to invest into them to think about the way they think about the world and compare what you think in this kind of environment. It's the best place to learn. Because people really care about you. They're going to invest in your life, help you grow as you invest into others.

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