Fully Accredited Degrees

Briercrest College

Recognized Degrees – All of our degrees are fully accredited, so you will receive a recognized, effective education that prepares you well for wherever God calls you next.

  • All Our Programs Are Accredited – All of our programs, whether ministry or marketplace, are accredited to ensure that you get a high quality, recognized education.

  • University-Level Degrees at Briercrest –We’ve taken the extra step to accredit some of our degrees as university-level. This allows our students to pursue graduate education or employment opportunities specifically requiring a university degree.

  • Can I Do my Master’s After Briercrest? – Absolutely! Past graduates have gone on to graduate school at Trinity Western University, Biola University, McMaster University, the University of Saskatchewan, Duke University, and many more. Browse our degrees to get started.
So we have accredited degrees by our Saskatchewan government that say that their university level. And so if you want to go on to higher education to do more studies later, or you want to gain more certifications down the road, either build on education is actually accredited. Our students are largely going to go to various fields, they're going to go everything from, from law to education to medicine. And because we have an accredited degree, they have options to go many different directions from here. And so some of our students go on to public universities to study in specific areas. Some of them go on to seminaries and graduate school to study in all kinds of fields. And we have people really in just about every profession, our business students go into wide variety of business, and some are entrepreneurs and create their own businesses. We have students who are teaching English as a second language and they're going into different countries around the world. And because of our high level of accreditation, it allows students to keep building on the education they have here to go to Many other places. Many other vocational opportunities. Our ministry degrees are really meant to train students for service in the church, and at the same time, help them think about how they're going to be involved even now while they're students as they get involved in the many local churches we have in our area and here in Caronport.
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