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Briercrest Seminary

Immersive Education – Get away from distractions and immerse yourself in a weeklong modular course with classmates from across Western Canada

Diverse Classroom – Study with people from all different walks of life. Start, change, or enhance your career at Briercrest Seminary.

Accommodations – Stay in one of several on or off-campus accommodations and eat in our dining hall throughout the week.


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Modular Course Format

Study alongside people from different backgrounds

One of the advantages of the modular system is the ability that students have to come and engage in graduate level education without having to go through all that disruption that normally comes with moving the whole family relocate in the middle of Southern Saskatchewan and spend the next three years in full time studies. So normally what happens is you choose your course you come for the the modular program itself on those five days, you will have done some advanced reading and some study. You spend intense period of time in the course of that week in class and interaction with your peers. And then you go home and then there's some post coursework that's due with within a couple of months of the time that you spent on campus.

Where the modular format is quite special is that allows me to integrate my vocation along with my education. So those two are happening concurrently. And then they feed into or edify one another So I can be working with people on the ground in my job. But then I can say, hey, let's hit pause and I want to take a class that's going to help me enter back into that work environment and then enrich it because of that class.

The students can come to this rural environment, and get away from some of the distractions of their normal lives. You get away, spend that particular time with other students in this particular atmosphere, and focus on those things that will lead to the fulfillment of your program.

So we recently completed our theology and technology course and one thing that really impressed me in it was the speed at which we attained this level of like comfortability in the classroom with each other and just the freedom to talk about these ideas. You know, you can miss out on that a little bit when you're doing semesterized classes because you're only meeting for like an hour a day. Whereas when you're there for eight hours, right, like you're getting to know each other the jokes are kind of close at hand because you spent the time together. And then one of the things that we did too, is like we had a meal at our home and that just like glued that class together, so much so that when it was done wasn't emotional, but it was a little bit like Oh, we've just spend this amazing week together you know, so that I think was a really special part of what happens at the seminary level.

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