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Briercrest College

Hi, my name is Emily. Welcome to Briercrest. I'm a fourth year Biblical Studies student and I'm also a part time recruiter for the college. And we're going to take you on a tour of the campus. So our first stop is the Crossroads Cafe. It's also known as the Bean to students. And it's a really good place to study, to get a coffee, and to grab a snack. Our next stop is going to be upstairs in the library.

This is the library. We have tons of online resources. But we also have a wide selection of books that will really help you as you're writing papers, or you just want to get some reading done, or some studying. In the library, there's a loud section if you would like to study with your friends. And then there's also a quiet section behind me if you really want to hunker down and get some work done. Also, in this space, there's the Academic Resource Center. It's just over here. So I'm going to take you there now.

So this space is available for students if they would like to maybe receive some tutoring or if they have some questions. Anything that they need for academic support is available here.

So this is the Academic Services Office. This is a good place to go if you have questions about your finances, maybe questions about your courses. And also if you'd like to speak to an admissions advisor about your application process. So we're going to meet Michelle and Sally, they will help you through that process as you need.

And the next place we'll go is Student Development downstairs.

Hi, my name is Josh, I graduated here this last year. And now I work in the recruiting department. I'm going to take you on the rest of this tour starting with Student Development. So Student Development is where you're going to come if you want to learn a little bit more about life on campus. It has the Chaplains office, the Dean of Students, and the Counseling Center. But if you come here, you're most likely going to be talking to Leanne. Now when you get here, you're going to want to get on Leanne's good side quick because she knows everything there is to know about the school. So let's continue this tour go into the Chapel.

So this is the Hildebrand Chapel. This is where you will typically attend chapel every day as a student, as well as see some of our music performances and larger state performances. Next, let's go to the music wing.

So this is the music hall. If you're in our worship and performing arts, you're going to be spending a lot of time here in one of our many practice rooms. Or in the rehearsal hall, where our resident choir and different worship teams practice.

So at Briercrest we have a large variety of classrooms like this one that you can see right now is spread out for COVID restrictions. This is only one of the classrooms that you'll be taking Briercrest courses in.

So we're just outside the Crossroad Cafe. If you come with me, I'll take it to the dorms. So this is your main commute that you'll be going outside back and forth between the dorms and the a building.

Hi, I am Rachel. I am a second year theology student and I'm also a member of the woman's varsity basketball team. I've lived in dorm for two years. And so I'm going to take you want a quick tour, to Whit 1, the dorm that I live in.

We have 2 RAs on our hall, who lead door meetings and etc. and are really fun to hang out with. Currently we don't have roommates. But in a normal year, I've had an experience with a roommate and you become really close. You get to do lots of fun bonding time together. Dorm life is a great way to get... this is my family group. Dorm life is a great time to get connected with people really easily. Kind of like forced friendships, which is great. You can come back at the end of the day, you can study together and just reconnect. Currently, we have family groups. So it's four or five people that you are allowed to be with, unmasked, and those are the only people who are but you can go into each other's rooms, you can hang out together, you can eat in the caf together. So that's super awesome.

This is my room. I'm at the very end of the hall. So luckily every single day, I get to walk by everybody's room and stop by and say hi on the way to my own room, which is awesome getting to catch up with everyone on the way. Yeah, let's go check out the Den Cafe. This is the place where you can come to order the best paninis. Anything deep fried, deep fried onion rings and etc. Coffee and tea. And it's a great place to hang out with friends. You can play pool. We can play ping pong. We have board games that we can play here in this place. It's a great place to do homework. And if you want to procrastinate homework, trust me when I say that this is the place for you. Let's go to our next stop.

This is the dining hall. It is most commonly referred to as the Caf. All students call it the Cafe, actually. So if you hear Caf we are talking about here. This is where you can eat all of your meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is where you eat with your family group if you want, if you so desire. The tables are set up in four or five. So you can eat here and they're sanitized between use. Yeah, this is where you eat all your meals as a students.

Hello, I'm Brendan and I'm in my second year in the Christian ministry degree and I'm here to show you the boys dorm on Whit 2. So this year is my hall. And this is what we call bonding central right here. This is classic image of bonding on the dorms. Moving along, we're gonna go down the hall. This is the runway. This is where the planes land, we go in and out down here.

So this is a classic setup of a room here at Briercrest. Just living it up.

Hello, Darrin.

Hey, how's it going?

Good. How are you?

Doing well. Good. Good. Nice room. Right on. Thanks. We'd like to keep them tidy. Keep it smelling good.

Hello, Joe.

Ultimately, the best part about being on dorms is it's just a catalyst for friendships, that build and grow. And so that's what I've really learned over my two years so far. As I take you down the runway here, we're gonna head over to the gym and see what we got there.

Welcome to the gym. It's nicknamed the Hanger. This is where our varsity athletes will play. Every Friday and Saturday night all the students come out and we'd like to cheer them on. It's also where we do our intramural sports. But now I'm going to go show you the ice rink, so come with me.

This is the Barkman Arena, home of our Briercrest Clippers hockey team. This is where we watch games every Friday and Saturday. It's nice, because you can watch a hockey game and switch over to the basketball game, every intermission. There's also a loft here up to my left. And that's where the gym is, where people work out and build their gains. You can also bring your skates so that you can catch every open skate that happens. That's it for our tour. Thank you so much for joining us, and we hope to see you here next year at Briercrest College.

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