Student Story: A Close-Knit Community

Briercrest Christian Academy

The experience at Briercrest, it's super loving. The people here, they're more than friends. Everyone you'll build a close relationship with and just hanging out with a whole bunch of friends too, constantly being around positive influences. It just makes you feel like you're a part of the community. This is an experience like no other school I've been to before. Where at normal schools, you just go to your class and then go home, right? But here, you hang out with your friends and everyone's just so friendly. The school compared to other schools, I feel like the education level here is just a higher standard. The teachers strive to show you what you can learn and reveal to you that you can learn more than what you thought you could. It's a really easy learning environment to just be in. You don't feel scared or anxious about learning. You want to know more because the classes are super interesting and you actually want to be there. They want you to be successful later on in life and it's not just about the grades here. They want you to really know and understand what they're trying to teach.
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