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Briercrest Christian Academy

Hi, my name is Esther. I'm in grade 12 here at Briercrest Christian Academy. Let's go on a tour the school. These are the offices at BCA. This is Jolene's desk. She can answer any questions you have. Down this hall is our principal's office. Mrs. Ike.

Across the hall from Jolene is Mr. Zack. He can answer any questions you have about athletics or your courses. Our school consists of two hallways, one upstairs and one downstairs. This is Mr. Heimer's classroom. He is one of the science teachers here at BCA. So this is what a typical classroom looks like here.

Hello, everyone. I'm Neresh. I'm a grade 12 student here at BCA and I'll be taking you to your next stop on the BCA tour. If you are an international student who's thinking about joining us from overseas, this place might become your new second home. Say hello to Angela Lim, International Program Coordinator at Briercrest Christian Academy. If you are an international student who is looking for some tutoring, Angela can help coordinate all of that for you. Well, let's go to our next stop just right down the hall. If you are a BCA student who plans on playing for the Prairie Hockey Academy, this will be a great room for you. It's where you will find all of your coaches, where they will reside on a day to day basis.

Now, this is Caleb Williems office. He is a director of discipleship here at BCA. He is in charge of chapel and small groups. And honestly just in general, a great guy to talk to if you're looking to grow spiritually or just to hang out with somebody.

Hey guys, my name is Andrew. I'm a grade 12 student at BCA. And I'll be taking you through your next stop, the BCA Student Support Center. So in here, you can just find a nice quiet place to study during the day. And if you ever need a tutor, just come talk to Mrs. Duncan. All right, now let's go to our next spot.

So as you can see, everybody's a little spaced out. That's just due to COVID protocol. But we meet here every Friday to worship and listen to Caleb's message.

All right, this year's Crossroads Cafe, also known as the Bean. Swing by here if you want a drink or you want some food. Ee normally hang out here during class breaks. Let's head over to the library.

As BCA students, we have access to the Briercrest library, which is shared by the college and a seminary. It's a great place to do research and just a quiet place to study.

Hey, this is the gym. This is where you'll find your BCA Cougars practicing and playing volleyball and basketball. And on Friday and Saturdays, you can also find the Briercrest College Clippers playing their sports games.

Hey, my name is Alexa. I've been here for three years. I'm currently in grade 11 and I live in Glen Manor Dorm most of my time. And I'll be taking you there for the next stop.

Welcome to the dorm. This is our home away from home. In here is the lounge. This is where we play games, watch movies, and have our family time. This is like our RD Kiersten, or my second mom. And then over here I'll show you some rooms. This would be my room. Due to COVID, I currently don't have a roommate. But in other years, I would have a roommate and living with the person you don't actually know can bring a closer relationship. And you can almost feel like you have a sister away from home. And yeah, it's just fun to see the different people living across and then if you just need to talk to someone you could just go next door or just knock on the wall. It was life changing transitioning from public school to private school. Just as soon as I came here, I felt like I wasn't gonna fit in and that I wouldn't get along with anybody. And then I realized that's actually complete difference and just the community of Briercrest, it's immaculate. It's crazy. The nice people, just the Christianity, the faith, everything just made me feel like at home. This is the Den. This is where a bunch of high school students and college students do their homework. And some people just come here to hang around, play board games, and just be in contact with people. This right here is the coffee shop. You can get cupcakes and stuff like that. And this over there is a projector. Sometimes we'll put football games and hockey games on just so everybody can watch. Now I'm gonna take you to see the dining hall.

This is the dining hall. Everyone calls it the Caf. Due to COVID, everything looks a little bit different. But in a regular year, high school and college students both come in here for lunch, breakfast, and supper.

This is the rink. This is where our Prairie Hockey Academy teams play and our Briercrest Clippers teams play. In the morning the Prairie Hockey Academy skills team practices and I attend that every single morning. Throughout the day, our Prairie Hockey Academy and the Briercrest Clippers will work out in the loft up there. And usually anybody else can come work out whenever they want to, if they want to. Thank you for joining us on this tour. Hope to see you here next year.

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