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Briercrest Christian Academy

Briercrest Christian Academy is really about a full student experience. We're about academics, we want our kids to do super well academically graduate with a full course load that's gonna leave your options open for whatever post secondary pursuit that they might want. But we are so about growing the whole student. And so we want kids to be strong academically, but we also want this to be a place where they can actually figure out who they are, what they want out of life, and what direction God's leading man,

Being a Christian here is like, people want you to pursue that, where at home, you might shy away from that because of the fear that you might be judged. But people want to listen and they want to help you. The difference between the experience that you get here from a public school is probably the the discipleship aspect and the intentionality in that. And so what I mean by that is the emphasis and the focus on what it means to be a follower of Jesus and how to implement that in your everyday life.

The chapel and small group program. It's a great opportunity you're learning with your student body, you're hearing the Word, you're learning new things together. And then in a small group setting you can break off and just talk through those things and see how they apply to your life. All the teachers are amazing. The biggest difference from say a public school to Briercrest Christian Academy is how invested they are in not just your academic lives, but also your personal lives, and they're willing to help you in whatever ways you need in order to help you find success.

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