Dorm Life

Briercrest Christian Academy

The dorm is a home away from home for students. So we have staff that is there and available 24 hours a day. And we want it to be a good, safe, healthy, happy home for students. And to celebrate the successes with them, remind them to be in touch with their families to keep that connection. We work with families, to help their student be successful.

Our dorm is awesome. There's all sorts of things that they built into the dorm program life, everyone starts out with attending study hall regularly so that they're keeping up with their classes and their homework. We have awesome residence directors and they will do anything for those students to make sure that they're safe and that they're taking care of whatever it is that they need. They really do bend over backwards for our students. We have put rules regulations in place that are great guidelines for students, we invite them into our dorm system to follow along with our code of conduct and our student lifestyle standards. And in those things we believe that that actually is a lot of the keys to having just a really joy filled life.

Coming into the dorm is a really awesome experience. And there's such a welcoming atmosphere. You've got people from all different kinds of backgrounds and you know you have that bond instantly. It's just a lot of new students are in a situation where they don't have many friends. And then you come to dorm and instantly know you're in the right place.

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