The Mix: Academics and Discipleship

Briercrest College

The Mix – The transition from youth to adulthood is the most pivotal point in a young person’s journey of faith. At this crucial life interval come experience a blending of high-level academics and a thriving Christian community.

  • Academics – Choose from a variety of fully-accredited degrees or equip yourself with transferrable courses for further studies

  • Discipleship – Grow in your faith through daily chapel sessions, small groups and Christian leadership/service opportunities

  • Biblical Core – Every degree is rounded out with a core of Biblical courses to establish a solid foundation.
What we're trying to do is we're trying to invite students into a community of learning where everything that we do everything that we're inviting him into has a relationship to who they're going to be as they leave to serve in the world.

One way Briercrest offers a biblical worldview is through our classes, we're required to take core biblical classes that really create a foundation in our faith, but also as our professors do teach from a Christian perspective. And that's the biggest thing I've learned here is that you don't necessarily have to be a leader in a church or a missionary and spreading the gospel that way, but you can do it in whatever area or wherever, whatever career you teach, you're always connecting with people and there's an opportunity to share the love of Christ and through a desk job or whatever job you end up getting.

If you're here as a student. The things that you talk about in Chapel are things that intentionally relate to not only what you're learning in the classroom but also what you're engaging in in the dormitories. Over the years, we've been really intentional about shaping what we're offering to do that. I as a Professor am not just thinking about giving you a load of information. I'm actually thinking about how is this material that we're covering- how is it going to transform the ways in which you look at your world and engage with your world and then begin to shape your world.

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