Discipleship Community

Briercrest College

Spiritual Growth – We are invested in the spiritual growth of every student. Every aspect of life in this community is designed to serve this purpose.

  • Godly Mentorship – Access to mentorship from discipleship staff members, student leaders, team chaplains, professors, and local churches.

  • Christian Friends – Over 80% of 1st-year students live in dorm, encouraging relationship building starting on the first day.

  • Biblical Worldview – Students attend daily chapel sessions, interact with Christian professors, and take Biblical core classes.

  • Worship Experiences – A variety of authentic, student-led worship experiences are built into life on campus.
If I'm going to try and tell you what briercrest community is like I'm going to say it's vibrant. It's full of life. Although we're in this rural setting, it's its own shaping world. We have so much not just activity, but interaction with each other and really high quality opportunities or valuable time spent with each other. Not only me, fulfilling my needs, but actually being able to engage with and support people around.

It's very unique, but what makes it so good and so special is that every single person has that one same goal. And that one same value is that they're, they're living, they're living for the gospel of it and for Jesus Christ, and we're all here to grow in our relationships with him.

All this staff here, love students, they love young people. The RD's are part of the mentorship but we also do peer mentorship. So we encourage one on one, we also of course, have teachers, chaplains to sports teams have incredible chaplains that actually go above and beyond their heart is to serve the students and to shepherd. It's one of the most encouraging places to grow so much because there's so many people around we're thinking and growing in the same ways, but you're also surrounded by a lot of people like professors and different people in the community who have done their walk with Jesus a lot longer than we have as students and are able to pour into us.

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