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Briercrest College

Do a Year at Briercrest Not sure what you want to study? Doing a gap year at Briercrest will help you gain a strong biblical foundation for whatever comes next. Plus, our courses are highly transferrable, so you won’t lose time towards your career.

  • Biblical Foundation Get a firm grounding in the bible in a Christian community that’s focused on discipleship.

  • Transferrable CoursesCome for a year and invest in fully transferrable courses without any setbacks.

  • Flexible ProgramsExplore what interests you and get college credits. Our gap year programs help you discover what you want to do next.

  • Start College at CampThe Kaléo program might be the gap year you’re looking for: West Coast adventure, discipleship and community, service and ministry. And all your credits transfer right back into any Briercrest degree.
I think there's a lot of pressure on students in grade 12 to figure out what program they want to go into or what school they want to choose or career really to pursue. And I think that sometimes that gap year can be really foundational in helping them just get established in our specific context, that foundation of faith, but also to just be able to explore what programs they might be interested in. And from that, what careers they might want to pursue.

if what you're thinking is I think I'm gonna end up studying in a public university, but I'd like to be in a place where I can think seriously about Christian faith, or I can think seriously about discipleship along the way, it's a wonderful investment because you can take courses that you're actually going to take with you, wherever it is that you're going to go and do those things that are so important to you. Have a year to think seriously about what it means to practice Christian faith now to think about nurturing your own disciplines of discipleship.

Wasn't really sure what I wanted other than taking a year to figure out what I wanted, and there were so many opportunities that I had in that program that created some clarity for me. It did happen to lead me to my degree at Briercrest but leaving the Clio program in itself I had experiences with, with mentors for the first time and with peers who were pouring into my life in a way that I hadn't experienced before. And it gave me experiences that I can put on my resume that I will cherish forever, and opportunities that are really spectacular.

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