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We’re Here to Help – We don’t want finances to keep students from Christian higher education. Our team is here to help you access the financial resources you need to pursue your education.

  • Ways to Pay – No two students pay for college the same way. In fact, our average student uses four different sources! Access our list of the top 9 ways to pay for college here.

  • Scholarships and Awards – Let us help connect you with a wide variety of scholarships and awards for new students.

  • Student Loans – 50% of our students access student loans to help fund their education. Student loans are a great way to make up the difference between what you have and what you still need to pay.
We have a student financial advisor, we have a team of admission staff. And we want to get to know each student. And we want to help them through the process. And so I would say like to a student who's concerned about finances, don't let that be the thing that prevents you from starting the process. And pursuing your career, your education. Our students, on average pay for school using four different sources. So there's no two students who are doing it the same way. And that's a good thing. The first thing is personal savings. Family contributions is another thing if there's an RSP set up for you, 50% of our students will take loans, so I took loans as a student, and through that there's also government grants available and then the last thing is working on and off campus. Then we have our own scholarships. So scholarships are based on academics, and then the awards which are specific criteria. So you're like from a specific location or in a specific program, and then I always encourage students to tell us more about themselves so we can help them identify different awards that they might be eligible for. And so whether you work at a specific camp or you attend a specific church, whatever community you're from the businesses there often have scholarships. So there's lots of different places in your life that you might be involved in things you don't realize that there's awards for those.
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